The MED-TAC M-9 Medical Assault Pack

The MED-TAC M-9 Medical Assault Pack - MED-TAC International Corp.

The MED-TAC M-9 Medical Assault Pack

The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack is a highly advanced and versatile medical pack designed for professionals in high-risk environments. Whether you're a Tactical Medic, involved in MCI Response, or preparing for Active Shooter scenarios, this pack offers superior organization and quick access features to ensure you're always ready to respond effectively.

Superior Design and Construction

The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack is meticulously crafted using 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura Nylon with a water-resistant urethane coating. This durable material ensures the pack can withstand the toughest conditions while protecting your medical supplies.

The pack is equipped with a heavy-duty, large #9 self-repairing YKK nylon coil zipper that guarantees smooth and reliable operation even during high-stress situations. Mil-Spec Nylon webbing reinforces the pack, providing additional strength and durability.

For enhanced flexibility and adaptability, the pack features PALS webbing on the front and sides, allowing for easy attachment of MOLLE-compatible accessories. This enables you to customize the pack to suit your specific medical requirements and carry additional equipment as needed.

Efficient Organization and Accessibility

The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack excels in organization, ensuring that your medical supplies are readily accessible when time is critical. The main compartment opens completely, providing full access to all contents. This eliminates the frustration of rummaging through the pack, allowing you to quickly locate and retrieve the necessary supplies.

Inside the pack, you'll find four removable internal mesh pockets, providing excellent storage and organization for smaller items. Each pocket is equipped with colored zipper pulls, making it easy to identify and access specific supplies. The pack also includes a divider with nylon bungee cords and modular slots, allowing you to secure individual small items or quick access items securely.

Additionally, the inside front panel of the pack features two zippered mesh pockets and a panel with elastic loops, providing further organization for smaller items such as bandages, syringes, or other essential medical tools.

Optimal Comfort and Versatility

The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack is designed with your comfort in mind. It features removable padded ergonomic shoulder pads with a sternum strap, ensuring even weight distribution and reducing strain during extended wear. The padded adjustable waist belt offers additional support and stability, allowing you to move freely without compromising your mobility.

The pack also includes a convenient carry drag handle on the top, enabling you to quickly grab and transport the pack when every second counts. The bottom compartment of the pack is specifically designed to hold IV solutions and can be accessed through the front zipper or from inside the main compartment, ensuring easy and rapid access during critical situations.

For quick identification, the pack is equipped with red zipper pulls inside, allowing you to identify and access emergency supplies with ease. The front of the pack features a Velcro strip, perfect for attaching a name tag or IR ID for easy identification in fast-paced environments.

Reliable and Durable

The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack is built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments. Its rugged construction and high-quality materials ensure its durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion in the field.

The 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura Nylon with water-resistant urethane coating provides excellent resistance against abrasions, tears, and water damage. This ensures that your medical supplies remain safe and protected even in challenging conditions.

The pack is double-stitched with taped seams, further reinforcing its strength and preventing any potential weak points. The heavy-duty, large #9 self-repairing YKK nylon coil zipper ensures smooth and reliable operation, minimizing the risk of zipper failure during critical moments.


The MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack is a reliable, durable, and highly functional solution for medical professionals working in demanding and high-pressure situations. Its superior design, efficient organization, quick access features, and optimal comfort make it an essential tool for Tactical Medics, MCI Response teams, or anyone requiring a compact and versatile medical kit.

Invest in the MED-TAC M-9 Assault Medical Pack and ensure you are equipped with the best tools to provide rapid and effective medical care when it matters the most. To learn more about this exceptional product, click here.


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