ESMARK Elastic Bleeding Control Bandage


ESMARK Elastic Bleeding Control Bandage

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Product Description

The Esmark Bandage is a latex-free elastic bandage that is ideally suited for reinforcing the placement of pressure bandages or wound packing gauze.  The flat aspect of the bandage allows it to be packed small enough to fit covert IFAK's such as the outer pockets on our Uniformed Medical Kits.

The Esmark really comes in handy when used to secure wound packing hemostatic gauze in place.  Often, that job was left to the pressure bandages such as the OLAES or Israeli ETD, but the Esmark may, in certain cases, take its place, and allow the ETD's to be used on a different injury on the patient or in another patient altogether, thereby expanding the capabilities of your kit.

Although it is not a tourniquet and should not be used as one, with the proper application,  it can be quite effective in achieving hemorrhage control.

The Esmark bandage is  4" wide and  48" in length.


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