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Tactical Medicine News

La Guía farmacológica del 061 de Andalucía, que todos conocíamos en su formato web, se puede descargar ya en formato APP

by EMS Solutions International
Jan 22, 2023
La Guía farmacológica del 061 de Andalucía, que todos conocíamos en su formato web, se puede descargar ya en formato APP Esta App facilita el a...
Tactical Medicine News

Maximizing Conferences through Twitter

Conferences are necessary. It’s how we network, exchange research ideas, and share advances in emergency medicine. The reality is that we cannot at...
Tactical Medicine News

App Review: EMRA Basics of Emergency Medicine

The app EMRA Basics of Emergency Medicine covers the 20 most common EM complaints in a concise manner. I first heard about it from Dr. Rob Orman’s...
Tactical Medicine News

Need your input! PV cards becoming an app

It’s all about luck, opportunity, and timing. I will be releasing the blog’s first ever Paucis Verbis (PV) native app this year. After a few years...
Tactical Medicine News

App review: POC Ultrasound Guide

There is a new free app called POC Ultrasound Guide [iTunes link], created by Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University.
Tactical Medicine News

Twitter is the digital watercooler in Medicine

I just don’t have time to join Twitter. Are you serious, Twitter? Being in the minority of medical providers who use Twitter for work, these are c...
Tactical Medicine News

Video: How to make a screencast video

A reader, Mark, posted a question yesterday in the chat box about screencapture softwares out there. I personally use iShowU to capture such videos...
Tactical Medicine News

Video: Crash course on Prezi Dr. Rob Rogers has started a great series of videos which highlight resources and tools which medical e...
Tactical Medicine News

Trick of the Trade: Balloon animals in the ED

Back in July 2010, I wrote about using the Candleflame app to encourage pediatric patients to take deep breaths for a pulmonary exam. This app has...
Tactical Medicine News

What’s your perfect idea for a medical app?

The American Medical Association (AMA) is harnassing the innovative power of the people in its “AMA App Challenge”. What do you think would be the...
Tactical Medicine News

Hot off the press: MediBabble app

  Ever since my post about the top medical apps, I have been inundated with people asking me to review their apps. One has stood out. Medibabble is...
Tactical Medicine News

Need your help! Favorite medical apps

  So, I volunteered to give a talk for the UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education WAAAAY back in early 2010 on “There’s an App for That:  Key Sm...
Tactical Medicine News

Trick of the Trade: Blowing out the candle

How do you teach pediatric patients, especially toddlers, how to cooperate with your pulmonary exam? How do you get them to take adequately deep br...
Tactical Medicine News

Sketchcasting on What Drives Us

I recently came across a new means of online teaching and information delivery called sketchcasting. The premise isn’t new. It combines a podcast ...
Tactical Medicine News

iPhone uses in the Emergency Department

Occasionally, I get a rare – “Hey congrats on the article!” comment from residents or students. It’s usually in reference to my ACEP News column th...
Tactical Medicine News

Trick of the Trade: Don’t have a mirror in the ED?

Several times in the ED, I have needed a mirror for patient care. Example 1 A moderately intoxicated patient presents with a facial or scalp lacer...
Tactical Medicine News

Must-know toxicology website for emergency physicians

With recent discussion about the potential closing of California Poison Control Centers due to budget cuts, I suddenly became shockingly aware of h...
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