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Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Levy P et al. Subclinical hypertensive heart disease in black patients with elevated blood pressure in an inner-city emergency department. Ann Emerg Med. 2012 Oct;60(4):467-74.e1.

Bottom Line1 In asymptomatic black patients who presented to the ED with elevated blood pressure, subclinical hypertensive heart disease was dete...
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Canto JG et al. Association of age and sex with myocardial infarction symptom presentation and in-hospital mortality. JAMA. 2012 Feb 22;307(8):813-22.

Bottom Line 1 Chest pain free MI is a very real phenomenon and it is associated with higher mortality – especially in younger women (NRMI study).
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Campagna JD, et al. The use of cephalosporins in penicillin-allergic patients: a literature review. J Emerg Med. 2012 May;42(5):612-20

Bottom Line 1 For patients with penicillin (PCN) allergies, it is safe to administer third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins (CPN) with no...
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Hoffmann U et al. Coronary CT angiography versus standard evaluation in acute chest pain. N Engl J Med. 2012 Jul 26;367(4):299-308.

Bottom Line 1 ROMICAT-II study: Coronary CT angiography (CCTA) is a safe and faster diagnostic strategy than the standard evaluation of low-to-i...
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Backes D, et al. Time-dependent test characteristics of head computed tomography in patients suspected of nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. Stroke. 2012 Aug;43(8):2115-9

Bottom Line 1 100% sensitive and specific if < 6 hours from headache onset  90% sensitive if after 6 hours A noncontrast head CT can effect...
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Samuels-Kalow ME et al. Effective discharge communication in the emergency department. Ann Emerg Med. 2012 Aug;60(2):152-9

Bottom Line 1 This study tells us what we might already suspect: in the busy, hectic and loud Emergency Department, patients we discharge often ...
Tactical Medicine News

MIA 2012: Pearce MS et al. Radiation exposure from CT scans in childhood and subsequent risk of leukaemia and brain tumours: a retrospective cohort study. Lancet. 2012 Aug 4;380(9840):499-505.

Bottom Line 1 Interpret this data how you will: Exposure to 2-3 CT scans of the head will triple the risk of brain tumors; 5-10 head CT scans wi...
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The following compilation of the Most Interesting Articles in 2012 is the work of the EM residents at the Jacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine Resi...
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