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New and Interesting: Timolol Eyedrops to Treat Migraine Headaches

by Marco Torres
Dec 10, 2020
Background: Acute migraine headaches are a common presentation to emergency departments.  Treatment can be challenging: multiple medications are of...
Tactical Medicine News

Adjunctive Pain Management of Renal Colic and Migraines

Background: Renal colic and migraine headaches are common emergency department presentations.  There are a wide range of medications available to t...
Tactical Medicine News

Ep 132 Emergency Approach to Resolved Seizures

What is the essential list of immediate life threats with specific antidotes that we must know for the ED patient with a seizure? What are the key ...
Tactical Medicine News

Rimegepant and Inflammatory Neuropeptide Antagonism in Migraine

Background: Migraine is a chronic neurologic disease characterized by attacks of throbbing, often unilateral headache that are exacerbated by physi...
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Milk of Amnesia (Propofol) for Pediatric Migraines?

Background: There are several classes of medications available to treat pediatric migraines and because of this many providers have different combi...
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