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Tactical Medicine News


by EMS Solutions International
Jan 05, 2023
Tamaño 4.11 MB18 PaginasEnlace para bajar PDF GRATIS Post by  Dr. Ramon Reyes, MDMAS LIBROS MEDICINA Y SALUD
Tactical Medicine News

Is All Oxygen Created Equal?

Background: Oxygen therapy is frequently used in the emergency department for the treatment of hypoxia and respiratory failure and can be delivered...
Tactical Medicine News

The Death of MONA in ACS: Part II – Oxygen

Background: The first report for supplemental oxygen for angina was in 1900, and since then oxygen therapy has been a commonly used treatment of pa...
Tactical Medicine News

The DETO2X Trial: Do Patients with AMI Need Supplemental O2?

Background: Each year approximately 790,000 Americans suffer an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) (Benjamin 2017). Traditional treatment for an acu...
Tactical Medicine News

February 2017 REBEL Cast: The All Hyperoxia Edition

Background: Many providers and health care workers place oxygen on patients as a way to overcome hypoxemia or for patient comfort. Also in STEMI pa...
Tactical Medicine News

REBEL Cast Episode 13: The AVOID Trial & The FLORALI Trial

Welcome to the July 2015 REBELCast, where Swami, Matt, and I are going to talk oxygen. It is important to remember that oxygen is a drug, and just ...
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