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Tactical Medicine News

The rapid code status conversation guide for seriously ill older adults in acute respiratory failure

by Kei Ouchi, MD
May 25, 2020
You are working a shift in your emergency department (ED) when an 85 year old female presents with a complaint of altered mental status. She comes...
Tactical Medicine News

Work Grief: A Primer for Emergency Medicine Providers

Heartbreaking patient situations are the backbone of Emergency Medicine. Whether it’s a new cancer diagnosis, telling a family member that their lo...
Tactical Medicine News

What is palliative emergency medicine and why now?

The skilled and rapid resuscitation of critically ill patients is a central premise in the specialty of emergency medicine (EM). A paradox for ...
Tactical Medicine News

REBEL Cast Ep 51: The ABC’s of Palliative Care in the Emergency Department with Mari Siegel

Many of us have heard the saying that emergency medicine is the best 15 minutes of every other specialty. This, is in part, due to the wide breadth...
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Beyond the Abstract: Patient video testimonials improve physician interpretation of advance directives and POLST

Over 1,300 physicians across the U.S. were asked to interpret patient preferences for end-of-life care in theoretical cases. Physicians rarely reac...
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Episode 70 End of Life Care in Emergency Medicine

Most of us in North America live in cultures that almost never talk about death and dying. And medical progress has led the way to a shift in the c...
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Best Case Ever 40 End of Life Care & Consultant Communication

Dr. Paul Miller, emergency physician and head of a palliative care unit at McMaster Univeristy tells the story of his Best Case Ever on End of Life...
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