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Tactical Medicine News

Trick of the Trade: Knee Arthrocentesis

by Fred Wu, MHS, PA-C
Jan 08, 2015
A patient comes into the ED and you suspect septic arthritis to the knee. As you consent the patient for arthrocentesis, you can tell s/he has rese...
Tactical Medicine News

D50 vs D10 for Severe Hypoglycemia in the Emergency Department

Think back to your last severely hypoglycemic and lethargic patient presenting to the ED. What was the first treatment modality that came to ...
Tactical Medicine News

Can Permanent Marker Leach into IV Infusion Bags?

You are resuscitating a hypotensive patient with severe sepsis and have just hung your 4th liter of crystalloid. On the fluid bags, you wrote the ...
Tactical Medicine News

Ultrasound For The Win! Case – 93F with Chest Pain

Welcome to another ultrasound-based clinical case, part of the “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW) Case Series! In this peer-reviewed case series, w...
Tactical Medicine News

Why Henderson and Hasselbalch Belong in the ED

If you’re like me, you learned and then promptly forgot the Henderson Hasselbalch equation (HH eq) in medical school.1 After all, in clinical rotat...
Tactical Medicine News

Mythbusting the Banana Bag

We’re all pretty familiar with the banana bag: intravenous (IV) fluids with the addition of thiamine, folic acid, multivitamins, and sometimes magn...
Tactical Medicine News

US4TW Case: 30M with Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Welcome to another ultrasound-based case, part of the “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW) Case Series. In this peer-reviewed case series, we focus o...
Tactical Medicine News

US4TW Case: 28F with Shortness of Breath

Welcome to the inaugural post for an exciting new ultrasound-based case series called “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW). In this peer-reviewed cas...
Tactical Medicine News

Small bowel obstruction: Diagnosis by ultrasonography

A 64 year old man with an extensive history of abdominal surgeries presents to the emergency department with abdominal pain and vomiting. Because y...
Tactical Medicine News

Inviting contributors to ALiEM: An open peer-reviewed content submission process

Over the last several years, ALiEM has recruited a team of regular contributors, each with their own individual passions within the entire breadth ...
Tactical Medicine News

Management of Iron Toxicity

Iron toxicity is determined by the amount of elemental iron (Fe) ingested. Examples of Fe formulations and the amount of elemental Fe contained in ...
Tactical Medicine News

PV Card: Local anesthetic toxicity calculations

Local anesthetics (LAs) are widely employed to achieve tissue infiltration, peripheral and regional anesthesia, and neuraxial blockades. Despite th...
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