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Tactical Medicine News

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Tea & Toast | A Case of an Abdominal Rash

by Jonathan Abraham, MD
Aug 12, 2019
[Click for larger view] Chief complaint: Abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting History of present illness: A 46 year-old female with a past his...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM Research Learning Series: Exception From Informed Consent

Have you ever wondered how researchers are able to conduct prospective studies on truly emergent conditions, such as cardiac arrest and status ...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM Research Learning Series Podcast: Writing Specific Aims for a Grant

In this installment of the SAEM Research Learning Series, co-hosts Dr. Mary Haas and Dr. Nate Haas interview Dr. Michael Puskarich (Associate Profe...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM/CORD slides: Social Media for Emergency Educators

As requested by an audience member at today’s talk at SAEM, Drs. Rob Cooney, Mike Bond, and I are sharing our slides and handout on Social Media f...
Tactical Medicine News

KidsCareEverywhere-Vietnam study findings: SAEM 2012 meeting

  I recently had the pleasure of presenting our KidsCareEverywhere-Vietnam team's study findings at the national SAEM meeting in Chicago. Bottom li...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM 2012 meeting and social media

Those of us active in social media had quite an active meeting at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine meeting in Chicago, IL this past week...
Tactical Medicine News

Calling all med students: SAEM Ambassador opportunity

  Are you a medical student interested in EM? Want to get your registration costs waived at a national meeting? Want to come say hi to me? Here is ...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM 2012 Consensus Conference: Education Research in EM

It has just been announced that the upcoming 2012 SAEM annual meeting will feature a full-day Consensus Conference on Education Research in Emerge...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM National Meeting a success!

The national SAEM meeting in Boston just concluded and was a success. As part of the SAEM Social Media Committee, I was encouraged to see how many ...
Tactical Medicine News

Opportunity for med students: SAEM meeting in Boston (Jun 1-5, 2011)

  The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) holds its annual meeting at various U.S. metropolitan cities. This year, it is going to be at...
Tactical Medicine News

SAEM 2010 (June 2-6, 2010)

The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine’s (SAEM) annual meeting starts this week. Instead of my regular posts, I thought I’d try using the Twit...
Tactical Medicine News

Article review: SAEM Tests

This is is a great look back at how SAEM Tests were developed and now used by EM clerkships across the country. Because EM does not have a National...
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