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Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Sim Case Series: Mass Casualty Building Bombing

by Nikita Joshi, MD
Jul 05, 2013
Case Writer:  Nikita Joshi, MD Keywords: Mass casualty incident, building bombing, disaster, triage, ethics Educational Objectives Medical Develo...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM Sim Case Series: Pediatric WPW

Case Writer: Nikita Joshi, MD Keywords Pediatrics, Syncope, Wolff Parkinson White (WPW), PALS Educational Objectives Medical Discuss a broad differ...
Tactical Medicine News

Sim Case Series: Perimortem C-Section

Case Writer: Clare Desmond, MD Peer Reviewer and Editor: Nikita Joshi, MD Keywords: Cardiac arrest, Perimortem C-section
Tactical Medicine News

Sim Case Series: Incorporating ABEM Milestones

In this week’s simulation case, you will notice the addition of a table which is a description of ABEM Milestone #9 – General approach to Procedure...
Tactical Medicine News

Sim Case: Cocaine toxicity and placental abruption

Case Synopsis17 yo girl, 24 weeks pregnant, is brought to the ED with an overbearing, controlling, and older boyfriend (BF). The chief complaint ...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM simulation case series

One of my interests is medical simulation and the writing of simulation cases. I have already written two related posts: Case Writing and Story B...
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