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Tactical Medicine News

Microbial Fuel Cell Powers Ingestible Devices

by Conn Hastings
Dec 27, 2022
Researchers at Binghamton University have developed a microbial fuel cell that can power ingestible devices, such as cameras, that can detect healt...
Tactical Medicine News

Robotic Capsule Drills Intestinal Mucus to Deliver Protein Drugs

Engineers at MIT have collaborated to develop a robotic drug delivery capsule that is specially designed to administer delicate protein drugs, such...
Tactical Medicine News

Soft Robot Grows Like a Plant to Travel Through Tight Spaces

At the University of Minnesota, researchers have developed a soft robotic system that can ‘grow’ like a plant. The mechanism allows it to travel th...
Tactical Medicine News

Carbon Monoxide-Loaded Foam as Inflammatory Disease Treatment

Researchers at MIT have created a carbon monoxide-loaded foam intended for therapeutic use against inflammatory disease. While the gas is toxic if ...
Tactical Medicine News

Microfluidic Chip Models Inflammatory Intestinal Disease

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have modeled Environmental Enteric Dysfunction (EED), a childhood inflammatory intestinal disease, on a mic...
Tactical Medicine News

Gastrointestinal Pressure Sensor Inspired by Incan Communication Technology

Researchers at MIT have designed a gastrointestinal pressure sensor that is inspired by the ancient Incan practice of quipu, which involves adding ...
Tactical Medicine News

Surgical Duct Tape Quickly Seals Intestinal Leaks

Researchers at MIT have created a surgical tape that can seal leaks and tears in the intestine. The off-the-shelf product has been designed to repl...
Tactical Medicine News

Laparoscopic Robot Performs First Autonomous Surgery

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University developed and now successfully tested the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR), a self-guiding surgical rob...
Tactical Medicine News

Self-Assembling Coating Protects Bacteria for Therapeutic Delivery

Scientists are beginning to appreciate the importance of the gut microbiome in health and disease, and administering microbes that can enhance our ...
Tactical Medicine News

Catheter-Deliverable Biomaterial Sealants: Interview with Natalie Artzi, Co-founder of BioDevek

BioDevek, a medtech company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has developed a biomaterial adhesive that acts to seal internal wounds and incisions...
Tactical Medicine News

Chip for Investigation of Coronavirus Intestinal Infection

At Harvard’s Wyss Institute researchers used an intestine-on-a-chip to study the way a coronavirus infects the intestines, and the influence of var...
Tactical Medicine News

Optical Fiber Imaging for Next-Generation Endoscopes

Researchers at the University of Exeter in England have developed a technique to image tissues through an ultrathin optical fiber, potentially allo...
Tactical Medicine News

Kirigami Stent for Localized Drug Delivery

Researchers at MIT have developed a kirigami-style stent that can provide localized drug delivery through needle-like projections that pop out when...
Tactical Medicine News

ALiEM AIR Series | Gastroenterology 2020 Module

Welcome to the AIR Gastroenterology Module! After carefully reviewing all relevant posts from the top 50 sites of the Social Media Index, the ALiEM...
Tactical Medicine News

Button Battery Ingestion

Button Batteries: Small, disc shaped battery cells which are designed for use in small electronic devices. Common sources are kids toys, watches, c...
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