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Tactical Medicine News

Implanted Magnets for Prosthetic Control

by Conn Hastings
Nov 11, 2022
Engineers at MIT have developed a system that could let users of robotic prostheses to more sensitively control their bionic limbs. The technology ...
Tactical Medicine News

Flexible Sensors Measure Fit of Face Masks

Researchers at MIT have developed a sensor system that can provide data on how well a face mask fits to a wearer’s face. The protection offered by ...
Tactical Medicine News

Robotic Capsule Drills Intestinal Mucus to Deliver Protein Drugs

Engineers at MIT have collaborated to develop a robotic drug delivery capsule that is specially designed to administer delicate protein drugs, such...
Tactical Medicine News

AI Device Monitors Breathing to Diagnose Parkinson’s

Researchers at MIT have developed an AI system that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease and track its progression, simply by monitoring someone’s brea...
Tactical Medicine News

Ultrasound Sticker for 48 Hours of Imaging

Engineers at MIT have created an ultrasound patch that can provide long-term ultrasound imaging of internal organs and structures. The device conta...
Tactical Medicine News

Microparticle Vaccine Provides Boosters Automatically

Researchers at MIT have created a microparticle vaccine that can provide booster doses automatically. The hollow microparticles resemble a coffee c...
Tactical Medicine News

Smart Textiles Recognize Body Movements

Engineers at MIT have developed smart textiles that can detect and recognize body movements. The garments fit snugly, and contain a network of pres...
Tactical Medicine News

Photonic Technique for Deeper Fluorescent Sensors

Researchers at MIT have developed a method that lets them read the signal from fluorescent sensors that are as deep as 5.5 centimeters in tissue. P...
Tactical Medicine News

Glucose Fuel Cell to Power Medical Implants

Scientists at MIT created a glucose fuel cell that is small and powerful enough to conceivably power medical implants using the sugar present in ou...
Tactical Medicine News

Telerobotic System Uses Magnets to Perform Endovascular Procedures

Researchers at MIT have developed a telerobotic surgical system that allows a surgeon to remotely treat patients who are suffering a stroke or aneu...
Tactical Medicine News

New System Speeds Up Typing for the Motor Impaired

Researchers at MIT have created a new text selection interface for motor impaired individuals. People with severe physical disabilities can type to...
Tactical Medicine News

Acoustic Fabric Listens to Heart and Breathing, Works as Hearing Aid

Researchers at MIT have created an “acoustic fabric” that can listen to its surroundings and convert the vibrations made by sound into electrical s...
Tactical Medicine News

Surgical Duct Tape Quickly Seals Intestinal Leaks

Researchers at MIT have created a surgical tape that can seal leaks and tears in the intestine. The off-the-shelf product has been designed to repl...
Tactical Medicine News

Capsule Delivers and Injects mRNA into Stomach

Researchers at MIT have created an oral mRNA delivery system that could provide an alternative to injectable mRNA vaccines. It could also enable RN...
Tactical Medicine News

Carbon Nanotube Sensor Detects SARS-CoV-2 Within 5 Minutes

Scientists at MIT announced the development of a rapid COVID-19 test that can detect the virus in a saliva sample in as little as five minutes. The...
Tactical Medicine News

Robotic Textiles for Breathing Recovery

Researchers at MIT, alongside collaborators from Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, developed a ‘robotic textile’ ...
Tactical Medicine News

Magnetic Beads for More Precise Control of Bionic Limbs

At MIT a team of engineers have developed a system that they claim will enhance a user’s control of a bionic limb. The technology consists of impla...
Tactical Medicine News

Nanoparticles for Tumor Imaging and Cancer Urine Testing

Scientists at MIT have announced that they developed novel nanoparticles to detect cancer in urine samples. As well as detecting the presence of tu...
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